Day 143 – Einar and Inge shared their tips and recommendations from here to Harstad. Very useful – 22 July

Day 143. 22nd of July. 70 days and ten weeks to go. One third of the adventure is still left.

No paddling today, but about ten kilometers walk to and around Gamvik and back.

Last night brought a very pleasant surprise when Inge and Einar announced via sms at 2100 hrs that they had made it to Slettnes. It had been a long hard slog from Sandfjorden in head winds and currents.

As far as we know there are five OKK paddlers doing various efforts to paddle along Norway’s coast right now. Four are here and we did a video conference with Harald who is southbound in Trøndelag.


The weather forecast was such that a day in good company at Slettnes seemed like a very good idea.

It turned out the weather was way better than forecast, but over a long and pleasant breakfast we decided that the opportunity to spend time and learn from Inge and Einar who have paddled the Norwegian coast opposite way (clockwise), was worth a lot more than a few kilometers gained.

It also gave Einar, Stein and Erling opportunity to visit Gamvik. A veeery quiet place on a Sunday morning.

But the world’s northernmost museum was open, and testified to the immense hardships endured by people up here, all the way up to after the second world war when the fishing boats got motorized, bigger and safer.

Still in the midst of Gamvik is a monument in memory of those lost at sea, raised by the local fishermen’s union.

When we came back to our lodgings at the lighthouse, we had a long and detailed “map meeting”. We shared a little about the way from here to Grense Jakobselv, and Einar and Inge shared their tips and recommendations from here to Harstad. Very useful.

And then Einar and Inge cooked us a luxurious steak dinner. Good weather, good food and good company, no troubles in sight.

Well not so fast; as we checked the latest weather forecast we realized that today’s poor weather has been postponed till tomorrow.

Still we plan to paddle on, but for a short day to Sandfjorden, where we expect to meet up with Torbjørn (last seen in April in Nådendal), who will be trekking there with his brother.

En route we will pass Europe’s northern most land point: Kinnarodden.

Weather Permitting.

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