Day 140 – Dag led us in amongst the rock and cliffs and coves exploring with the kayaks gliding through crystal clear water – 19 July

Day 140. 19th of July. 22 km paddling in Kongsfjord.

For Erling the day started with a leisurely breakfast on the quay outside Turid and Dag’s place. It was a sweltering day with nearly 30 degrees temperatures. A very warm southwesterly wind was blowing, enough to build small white crested waves, but nothing interfering with today’s plan: Paddle across Kongsfjord and explore a potential trout fishing river that neither Turid nor Dag had visited before. Their friends Wenche and Jan Helge arrived last night and was joining as well.

Stein and Erling normally paddle the shortest route and try to cover kilometers. Today Dag led us in amongst the rock and cliffs and coves exploring with the kayaks gliding through crystal clear water. It was a perfect day for this type of paddling.

All the time with up to twenty sea eagles circling overhead. The sea eagle population is growing and the theory is that it is the eagles that drive the small sea gulls (Krykkje) to nest in among and on the houses both in Kongsfjord and Berlevåg.

Eventually we came to the small cove where the small river or creek came out to the Sea.

First a swim in the Barents Sea. Then lunch. Then walking up along the river to find good fishing spots. So far so perfect. It was even too hot for the mosquitoes.

And for the trouts’ appetite unfortunately. So no fish. Dag may return one rainy day to deal with that.

Back at the boats we were joined by Hans, for coffee and a second lunch.

Then it was time to paddle back.

Erling got to try Dag’s Rockpool Taran 18. A super fast and svelte ship. Maybe he needs a rudder boat after all.

But tomorrow it is back in the Etain, and if the weather forecast is correct, into the fog. 15 degrees cooler than today.

Which is a good paddling temperature, anyway.

Meanwhile, further south, Stein spent a couple of days with his family after the funeral. He also found time to hone his paddling skills, before returning to Kongsfjord and Erling tomorrow.


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