Day 139 – Harald got out his guitar and the session around the camp fire lasted till (at least) 0400 – 18 July

Day 139. 18th of July.

Since the sun is up all day and night it is a bit arbitrary where to start an update. This one starts yesterday afternoon when Sture, Are, Magnus and Erling started walking toward Dagen pond to try our luck with trout and char.

Weather was marvelous, but the fish were difficult, not until about midnight did Sture and Erling get any luck, but then we landed three nice trouts in a small hour.

By then Are and Magnus had gone to fish in another pond, but as Sture and Erling came back toward the cabin at about 0200, we found them and other neighbors around cabin neighbors Camilla and Harald’s camp fire.

Harald got out his guitar and the session around the camp fire lasted till (at least) 0400.

Too late to eat the fish, so that was postponed till an midday brunch before we packed up and left the cabin.

On the way to Berlevåg, Sture dropped off Erling in Kongsfjord where he will stay the next few days and enjoy the company of fellow paddlers Dag Norum, his wife Turid and a lot of weekend guests on occasion of their 20th wedding anniversary.

After dinner with Turid, Dag and Dag’s brother Ragnar, plus a short walk with a view, Erling checked into the last free room in a nearby hostel, so he will be well rested on Friday when we continue.

But first Thursday, when the plan is a combo of paddling and mountain walking. Unless the weather is simply too hot!!


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