Day 137 – Don’t send the shrinks just yet, we feel that we are on track to a full recovery – 16 July

Day 137. 16th of July. A day on a roof with a view.

Except for a visit to Sture’s cabin neighbors Harald and Camilla, Erling and Sture spent the day on the roof. It is a roof with a great view, but we mostly looked down and bent down. We finished about 2230, and the last few hours we could feel that we aren’t twenty any more.

If anyone on Kongsfjordfjellet thought they heard someone sing “vi har ikke ellediller eller krokofanter, men vi har to gamlinger på taket”, we won’t deny that it possibly may have occurred, but don’t send the shrinks just yet, we feel that we are on track to a full recovery.

Other than mending the roof, Sture also decided to dry the cabin once and for all from the inside, he kept his oversized oven burning and the temperature was like a sauna. We had to eat outside, which was pleasant enough in the spectacular summer weather.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be even better.

Hopefully the summer lasts long enough to get Stein and Erling to Hammerfest without too much waiting on weather!

One thought

  1. One of the best non-paddling blogs yet, and seems like really good work on the roof, enjoying the Northern summer and eagerly following your tracks; from a few “gamlinger” here at Skydive Elvenes.


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