Day 114 – We are as good to go as we will be for our last paddling stage in Russia – 23 June

Day 114. 23 June. Midsummer in Belomorsk. No paddling. Waiting out gale force winds.

Doing some shopping. Wisiting a hardware store, noting that the selection was good and that it was more oriented towards repairing things compared to Norway. Labour is cheaper here.

After yesterday’s vegetarian dinner (boiled potatoes, tomato and cucumber), we indulged in one last dinner at the Pomorskoye restaurant at Gandvik hotel.

We also did some planning for the crossing to the Solovki archipelago.

Tomorrow we start on the about 90 km paddle to Solovetskij. We expect to use about 36 hours as weather permits. Late evening and early morning looks best windwise. It’s daylight 24 hours so we are free to choose our timing. We’ll go out and see what we can do, lots of small islands on the way if we need to pause.

Even FSB has wished us good luck and safe paddling.

We are as good to go as we will be for our last paddling stage in Russia.

And there is only 99 days left!

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