Day 104 – We used one trick to make life a little easier – 13 June

Day 104. 13th of June. “Fish Karelia” camp to Krivonogoskaya. 42.3 km, 6.1 km/hr average speed. We met the same happy bunch for breakfast, and we also met the youngest member of the family : Ragnar, two months old.

Our weather forecast ( said, 7 m/s headwinds, we asked for the Russian forecast, hoping for some good news. No luck. 9 – 11 m/s headwinds. Looking out the window it didn’t look that bad, so we decided to paddle on.

After all farewells were said and photos taken, we pushed from shore at 1100. Bracing for a long slog of a day.

And so it turned out. was about right. And we paddled in strong headwinds for most of the day, at least until 1700. And temperatures were below 10. Summer has definitely taken a break.

We used one trick to make life a little easier. We paddled very close to shore. In the forest along the shore wind speed is about zero. And there is a transition zone to the 7+ m/s in the open lake. This we could take advantage of with our shallow draft.

Still a long day. We were onshore at a gravel spit on the far end of a peninsula about 1930.

Tomorrow looks better. Almost no wind. Just as well. We have 50 plus km to paddle to Povnets, the inlet to the Belomor Canal.

So tomorrow will be the last day on Onega. Weather Permitting.


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