Day 62 – Without all of that, we would still have been in Sweden most likely – 2 May

Day 62. 2nd of May. Waiting on weather in Bjurs.

Yesterday the weather forecast said 9 m/s winds for a one-hour open crossing to get past the Porkala peninsula. Forecast is not reality, and we have to be prepared for worse than forecast, so we stayed one more day here.

Our hosts Satu and her husband offered to take us with to the shop “Baröboden” in Barösund. The shop was not big, but had the essentials, plus some fresh produce.

To keep an open shop year round is a key concern here, as it has been several places we have visited. A shop is important “glue” for keeping a small community connected and alive. Here in Barösund there is an ongoing campaign to have people buy shares in the shop, so that everyone has “skin in the game”.

We have seen the same thing several places in Sweden as well. And in several small communities, we have talked to people that have lamented the loss of a shop that is open all year.

It’s a plight and a fight it is easy to sympathize with. But in the longer run, we suspect these small shops will be very vulnerable to groceries bought over internet. Larger selection, fresher products, less risk of waste.

Anyway, the desired outcome is not the shop in itself, but as a means to keep the community alive and together. Maybe that can be solved for in another way?

We shall be the last to lament new technology. Both navigation and weather forecast as well as finding accommodation and arranging all sorts of small issues, are greatly helped by our smartphones. Without all of that, we would still have been in Sweden most likely.

After shopping we did some repairs, some “office work”. Ate a lot for lunch. Had a sauna. Ate a lot for dinner…

There is a lot of deer around the house. Herds of up to 20 animals. Satu and her husband got some food that had expired in the shop like lettuce and apples and some bread, and put it out for the deers. Just now there is eight of them on our doorstep!

Tomorrow we’ll try to get as far as we can toward Helsinki before some torrential rains set in. Friday afternoon we’ll be in Helsinki. Weather Permitting.

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  1. Hi guys
    Nice to see that everything is working fine for you. Here (in Arendal) the weather is not better comparing to you place but as you know the rain is coming to you so speed up. and good luck ahead. Sture

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