Day 61 – Core of the core of Finnish hospitality, and very welcome – 1 May

Day 61. 1st of May. No paddling. Resting in Bjurs.

As planned no paddling today. A foggy day in Bjurs spent drying stuff and trying to arrange transportation from Finland to Russia etc.IMG_0645.jpgThe transportation is in hand, Ensi Bus will pick us up in Hamina and drive us to Vyborg on the 10th of May. Good thing, as how to solve for this was becoming a bit of a concern. Stein is most impressed by Erling’s juggling of information using Google.

Another concern is that we are running low on food again. So we walked two km through dense Finnish forest to Barösund where there is a shop. A shop yes, but it is closed on 1st of May…IMG_0033.jpgThere is also a restaurant, Scola, which had excellent food and service. It was almost full of people many of whom donned student caps. We understand this is how the Finns celebrate “Valborgsmass”. Originally a heathen tradition marking that the year is half way between spring equinox and mid-summer.  It was christened by the cult of the Holy Valborg. Where the students come into the picture is unclear, maybe a last night out before they are inundated with exams?

Anyway, we are mostly interested in the part about mid-summer. So far no sign of summer. Snow is easy to find if you know where to look. The immediate weather forecast is also turning worse. Tomorrow we had planned a crossing to and beyond Porkala. As it looks now, weather may or may not permit. So we have decided to stay here for one more day and get our shopping and rest done, rather than venture out in marginal conditions with limited supplies. We now expect to be in Helsinki Friday evening.

Mean time we will enjoy Satu Heino’s hospitality for another day. Yesterday as we came at sunset, the sauna was warmed up and waiting for us. Core of the core of Finnish hospitality, and very welcome.


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