Day 59 – Tomorrow will be a good day for paddling. Tuesday will be hopeless – 29 April

Day 59. 29th of April. Dalsbruk to just beyond Hanko. 43.2 km, 6.6 km/hr average speed.

For the first time it rained when we broke camp. It had to happen sooner or later, even though the first month there could be no rain because of the temperature…. No real problem. We were prepared. Stein is a master with the tarp, and we stayed dry for breakfast and did the last packing in the dry suits.

We paddled off at 0920 in a light drizzle that followed us through the day. But no wind, so we made good progress.

For first lunch/second breakfast, we went onshore on a small island with some huts on, and sat on a terrace under a roof. Just as we were eating, a boat came by and maneuvered into the svaberg. We assumed it was the owners. Now what?

We were almost right. The owner’s mother, Carina, came up to see what was going on. She was quite happy when we explained what we were up to, and took some pictures to document the event. She wondered if we needed anything and would only accept a tiny bit of the chocolate we offered, as she assumed we needed it more. But then she had to rush off back to the boat where husband and grandchild was waiting. They needed to cross the fjord in time for their grandchild’s sleeping time. Of course a grandchild trumps two scruffy paddlers from Norway any day.

Next we went more or less straight to Hanko, it took us more than three hours of paddling. The wind picked up a little and it got chilly.

At Hanko we opted for a meal at the cafe at the Marina. A more “brown” than “blue” place. Big portions though.

After the meal, we surrendered and put the storm cags back on. Good decision. We paddled on in reasonable comfort for another hour.

Before we put on the cags, we were almost back to the four o’clock chill from March, when we knew we would not get warm again until we were in the sleeping bags. Not so bad now. It’s quite comfortable here under the tarp at 2100.

Erling’s got a problem with his neck gasket again. Or perhaps with his big and bulky head, depending on which perspective one takes. Anyway, the gasket needs preventive maintenance. We’ll see what we can do tomorrow in full daylight.

Tomorrow will be a good day for paddling. Tuesday will be hopeless. So we are looking for a roof over our heads at a OK distance. Not easy, we may have to wait the weather out in the tent. That also has to happen sooner or later. But first a good day for paddling, our first full day in the Gulf of Finland.


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