Day 58 – Weather Permitting we will be in Helsinki Thursday afternoon – 28 April

Day 58. 28th of April. 39.8 km, 6.3 km/hr average speed. From Lilla Högen (near Nauvon Lautta) to Skabban just beyond Dalsbruk.

It’s cool again, and we notice that we are a little slower in the morning as some focus goes towards keeping warm.

It was already 1020 before we were in the kayaks. Light headwinds (about 3 m/s), again this cooled us a little, but the storm cags remained in the hatches. It’s supposed to be spring!

After about two hours paddling we came to a small ferry crossing. The crossing was small, the ferry was small, but there was a restaurant at the quay side. With a Saturday buffet. Eat all you want for 15 euro. We did, and some more for good measure. It’s not costumers like us they make the most money from.

Next we had a crossing which took about 2 hrs 50 min in the same light headwinds. By then we had done 30 km, and decided to paddle 10 more km and call it day.

The way it looks now we will have OK conditions tomorrow and Monday, and then dubious at least part of Tuesday and Wednesday, then OK Thursday. Weather Permitting we will be in Helsinki Thursday afternoon.

2 Thoughts

  1. Thank you for your report well illustrated. Tuesday may be a good day for resting. Make the most out of Sunday and Monday when weather conditions are excellent. Bon voyage and may there be a lot of small reastaurants serving buffet on your way!

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  2. Best of luck on your journey! My mother told me you had visited our island today, you are very welcome, would I have been there I have heated the sauna!

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