Day 40 and 41 – Waiting on weather in Bergkvara – 10/11 April

Day 40 and 41. Waiting on weather in Bergkvara.

Two days of waiting on weather. 10 m/s head wind can be handled for a day or two, but in the long run it will cost more than we gain.

“In the long run” are the key words here. It took us at least 24 hours to get properly rehydrated after we came to Bergkvara.

For the first forty wintry days, we have been focusing on getting going, settling in and avoiding strain injuries. The last challenge was exacerbated by the cold weather.

Now it is clear that we must focus more on the sustainability of our efforts. Erling’s friend and colleague Harald congratulated us on reaching Copenhagen, with the words “good luck with rationing your efforts”. He got the risk just right.

Erling is already a slimmer version, back at about the weight he had when leaving high school. All well and good, but not sustainable for another six months. He must either eat more or paddle less. So we are looking at ways (fat) to increase the calorific content of what we eat. And we will monitor how much we drink. Paddling in a dry suit in 10+ degrees can be a bit like a sauna.DSC_0030.jpg

DSC_0031.jpgOther than waiting, eating, drinking and resting, yesterday we visited Kalmar to do some shopping and visit the place where Norway’s 400 year period as a colony started.

It struck us again that Sweden is a “grander” country than Norway. And more dominated by industry. We had never been to these parts before, and the land and the cities appear rich, busy and well kept.

Well kept we can also say about Dalskärs camping, where we stay. Ove Karlsson runs this place after he and his wife left Gøteborg to come here 7 years ago, “to do something different when the kids had left”. Lots of hard work Ove says, but an interesting way of life.DSC_0032.jpgWe have certainly enjoyed the stop here, but now we are eager to move on. The weather forecast is somewhat better tomorrow. If we can get past “Örarevet”, we should be able to make a few kilometers toward Kalmar. But not too many either. Long days in 7 m/s head wind is not sustainable. We plan to spend two rather than one day to get to Kalmar. Weather Permitting.

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  1. That sounds good. You have been fighting extreme harsh and thoug conditions and gained a lot of experiense. Even if you do not manage to cover the whole circle as planned, I am confident that you now have got wisdom and an attitude that you will have an extremely interesting trip filled with good unexpected events and meeting with friendly people. Let sustainable and fun be your guiding light. Look forward to follow you as a shadow on this journey which is far out of the ordinary.

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