Day 30 – Waiting on weather – 31 March

Waiting on weather in Abbekås. Trying for Kåseberga tomorrow. If you are ever near here, try a dinner at Hamnekrogen in the Harbor. Excellent food and friendly, efficient service.




2 thoughts on “Day 30 – Waiting on weather – 31 March

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  1. Vad kul att ni kom och stannade till hos oss ! Vi är mäkta imponerade och ni är alltid välkomna tillbaka även om ni inte paddlar hit nästa gång 😅 Vi önskar er all lycka till på er fortsatta färd !!
    Kram på er önskar hela besättningen på Abbekås hamnkrog !

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  2. A very nice update. Good to see that April 1st did not have a practical joke ready for you, but let you cover the distance you had in mind. By the way, your GPS tracking is working perfect.

    The Russian – Scandinavian Kayak Expedition 2018 has now been under way for one month and the crew has had to fight very harsh weather conditions all the way. A remarkable performance indeed. Now at long last calm and milder weather is under way. The next big challenge will be Russian mosquitos and hungry bears.
    The best

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