Day 29 – Back on the water – 30 March

Finally a great day for paddling. 45 km, 6,2 km/hr average, 7 hr 13 min paddling from Lotsvillan i Ljunghusen til Abbekås.

Sun and almost no wind for the first five hours. 4 m/s headwind, overcast and a bit cool for the last two hours. The stay at Lotsvillan was really good, but still: It was good to get going. After three days waiting on weather, a certain restlessness sets in.

Back in the boat Stein summed it up, it’s back to “short traveled thoughts”, the clatter and clutter of stress and repair days long gone.

The landscape is still frozen, the water was murky from the last days’ gales, though luck for the many fly-fishing for sea trout. Lots of birds, swans flying east, geese, ducks and even cormorants flying in formation.

And we have to mention a major milestone: Today we passed the trips southernmost point: Smyghamn. The sun was shining, but temperatures weren’t exactly tropical.

Now we turn east and north towards cooler climes for the next four months or so. But we heard it was 16 degrees in Stockholm today. True or not, we want to believe it!

Tomorrow we will wait on weather again. We found lodging in Abbekås B&B, shelter from gale and pouring rain. Sunday winds will be strong and the rain heavy. But we should be shielded because the winds is predicted to be northerly. If visibility is good enough to cross Ystad harbor, we hope to make it to Löderup Sunday, and then try to get past Sandhammaren on Monday. Weather Permitting.

3 Thoughts

  1. Maybe my sister saw you? She lives in Smygehamn …. 🙂 Beware of the snow tomorrow afternoon! Bons ventos e boas proas !


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