Day 28 – Waiting on weather – 29 March

We have been waiting for more weather at Lotsvillan hostel in Ljunghusen. And the weather has come… Today it was gale force winds and thick snow with less than 100 m visibility. Another rest and repair day. Or as we have begun to call them, stress and repair days.


When we are on our way the days flow by and we are in our own bubble most of the time. The so called “rest days” are the days when we interact with the outside world and try fix this and arrange that.



So we are eager to move on. Although the stay here at Lotsvillan has been very pleasant and comfortable and not least hospitable. The place is run and owned by Eva and she is an excellent host.

Tomorrow should be good for paddling, but after that we might have more waiting on weather. We’ll see. We are behind schedule, but it has not dented morale. After all getting all the way back to Oslo is only fourth priority.


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