D22 – Copenhagen! First leg done – 23 March

Copenhagen! First leg done. Sounds grand, but by another reckoning it’s 10%. 22 of 210 days:-)

On balance quite important that we got here without any strain injuries. That was identified as a main risk. The risk is not gone, but reduced since we managed the first three weeks. Yesterday’s paddle was about 32 km with average speed of 5,2 km/hr. We did not have to wait for Russia to get the currents against us. And the wind to boot.

Before we got going we understood that the nice shelter where we slept at the beach, fully equipped with knobs to hang our clothes, was actually the shelter Humlebæk’s morning bathers used to change. We got up at 0700, and the first bathers arrived at 0705. In all we had twelve visitors before we left at 1000. 11 were morning ice bathers. And the last one was the journalist/photographer from Kletten bådeclubs magazine “Søhesten”. So now we make the press:-)

We made the best of a strenuous paddle, and broke it up with a long lunch at a boat club in Vedbæk.

We finally arrived at Sixtus Battery at 1900 hrs. We were met by Henrik who gave us access to storage in the garrison there. Much appreciated! Arranged by Stein’s friend Claus. There even was a lodging option, but we were past our cancelation time for the hotel. So Henrik kindly drove us there.

Us being Stein, Erling, Erling’s daughter Nora and Ute, Nora’s friend who is visiting to bid Nora farewell before Nora moves to Tanzania.

So we were met also by Nora with her bike decorated by Danish flags, and a supply of Easter marzipan plus Ute who came straight from the airport.

Erling dropped everything he was holding on to. After a couple of minutes greetings, Erling realized that the “everything” he had let go to greet Nora, had included the Kayak. The Kayak had taken the opportunity to start an Expedition of its own.. So Erling had to jump into Stein’s boat and catch his own.

All in all a marvelous landing! Followed by a nice dinner in good company.



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