D21 – Denmark! – 22 March

Today we paddled from Lerhamn to Humlebæk. Denmark! We just made three countries in three weeks🙂

Today’s distance was 37,2 km with average speed 7,1 km/hr.

We had a warm and sound night’s sleep in the sauna. Torben and his son Josef came to see us off at our usual slow start at 1100. Torben is a keen sailor and knows the harbors around here as his back pocket. He recommended Humlebæk. And this update is written from the warmth of Sletten Bådeklub. Here we have enjoyed the course of the day; duck. Really good. And the restaurant is packed. So packed we ended up eating in the board room of the club. Of course our looks, attire and smell may have contributed to that solution…

Whatever, we feel very welcome and have had excellent service. Only people visiting by boat or club members can eat here. Paddling from Oslo qualified. As I write, we are even being interviewed by Peter, who is part of the clubs management for their magazine.

As we left Lerhamn we were uncertain about the day’s plans, much depended on the current in the Helsingør strait. Northward or southward? Normally it is northward and up to 9 km/hr. Today it was… Southward!! Apparently because of the abnormal weather conditions. First time this March weather has worked so well in our favor. Furthermore there was hardly any north-south shipping traffic. We crossed the shipping lane obliquely at a due south course. We had an average speed of 9 km/hr, max 12,2. (We’ll pay for this up the Russian rivers maybe).

The more tricky crossing was the busy east west ferry traffic. We got close to Hamlet and Tycho Brahe. We crossed close to their berths just as one had docked and one had left. And then the coast was clear all the way to Humlebæk.

Tomorrow we may land in Copenhagen. WP. (Weather Permitting).








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