D12 – 36 km at an average speed of 6,5 km/hr, which means 5 hrs 40 min in the kayaks – 13 March

We had one main focus; to take advantage of favorable conditions to get an early crossing of the shipping lanes in and out of Gothenburg.  Favorable conditions meant up to 5 m/s north northeasterly tail winds and excellent visibility, at times we could get speeds up to 10 km/hr by surfing the waves.

So we thanked Reidar at Marstrand kajakk for his hospitality and advice and set south and kept going with only one short break.

We crossed the shipping lanes between 1500 and 1600, without any issues. We then continued to Förö where we camp tonight. (More or less in an “Folkpark”).

Now we have booked a cabin outside Varberg for Thursday to Friday, our second rest day. We are not to happy about the weather forecast showing a new influx of cold air from Russia. Our hands start to show the wear and tear of 11 days in cold water and freezing air. They are getting a little worse every day. What helps is paddling without gloves to get air to the bruises. That is easier in plus 2 than minus 8.

Anyway, two days to Varberg. And then 36 hours to wash and dry our stuff and mend boats and bodies.

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  1. Medvind er god å ha ved alle situasjonar i livet, men kan hende aller mest på sjøen. Ta vare på hendene. Varmt grønsåpevatn om kvelden før innsmøring med ein god handkrem berga mine då eg trong det som mest. Etter 4 veker får dere skikkelige arbeidshender som toler kva som helst. 36 timers kvile gjer seg. Sikkelig interessant å fylgje med på ferda.God fridag! Sigrid og Elias

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