D11 – 37 km, average speed 5,8 km/hr. 6,5 hours in the Kayak, from Hellevikstrand to Marstrand – 12 March

An almost windless, but foggy day with sight down to about 50 meters when the fog was at its thickest.

We became a lot more aware of the sounds when all you see is a wall of milky white. The swoosh of dozens of ducks taking flight out of sight and the clap and then heavier swoosh of the swans. And the tiny waves hitting nearby but unseen land. Sometimes the birds would appear as shadows just in sight. Quite magical.

Also quite strenuous navigation. We were very careful keeping close to shore as much as possible. That was at the risk of entering into cul de sacs. Stein did an excellent job of navigation, we only had to turn once!

The final leg involved crossing the ship lane toward Paternoster north of Marstrand. Sight was slightly better, but we took great care, and crossed the shortest route at our max speed (not very impressive admittedly).

Here in Marstrand we enjoy the hospitality of Reidar Forsberg owner of Marstrand kayaks, and quite a kayaking resource. We stay indoors in warm and not least DRY conditions. Last night we camped at a quay in Hellevikstrand and the rain was very persistent.

On the other hand, we have enjoyed 24 hours with above zero temperatures. Maximum at about three degrees! Spring is definitely coming, if only slowly.

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