Sweden to Finland second attempt. Day 7, 16th of July. Tour de Kökar #2

We are still at Sandvik Gästhamn and Camping. Weather was not cooperating and the wind was blowing at 10 m/s for a second day.

We are at one of the windiest places in Europe at the moment (the red circle)
Pancake breakfast 🧇

Mikko lifted the spirits with a late pancake breakfast.

Then Margaret, Karianne, Stein and Erling went to visit the local church, whose ground based bell tower we had mistaken for a light house on the way in.

Kökar church
Interior of the church

Graveyards some times tell stories of the communities they belong to. Here they had recently “reallocated” the land and many graves were family graves used last this century. Along the stone fence the older tombstones were left for display.

The occupations of the deceased were noted on the stones. Mostly farmers, a couple of shoemakers, a carpenter and only one sailor.

Until early mid 20th century it was a high number of women that spent their last 20 to 30 years as widows. We asked Mikko who suggested that men were exposed to risk through fishing, not least ice fishing during winter.

We also discovered that Kökar is a stop on the “St. Olavs pilgrimage path” to Trondheim.

These shoes didn’t make it all the way to Trondheim. Let’s hope the owner fared better.

After the excursion we again cycled to the hotel for lunch. A quick stop at the shop on the way back.

Lunch next

Then a map meeting to discuss a new route toward Åbo. The southern route is not an option given the weather forecast. We are looking to go more East-Northeast toward Pargas.

Then dinner, but since lunch and dinner came a bit close we opted for half portions in order to not be too stuffed for the last point on the programme: Sauna

A sauna with a view. There are two saunas at the camping and both are occupied from early afternoon till about midnight.

Our sauna slot closed at 2200, so there was time for a short recap of the worlds problems and and relevant solutions.

Tomorrow afternoon may bring a weather window. Fingers crossed.

One thought

  1. Gått over til sykkel ser jeg. Tryggere farkost. For å få full effekt av sauna, må temperaturen være mellom 80 og 100 grader, ikke drikke alkohol, ikke være kald når man går inn i badstua, ha på seg badstulue og drikke masse vann en time etterpå.


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