Back to Oslo day 14. Sunday 17 July. Avoid getting weatherbound so close to the finish

Nevlunghavn to Bolærne. 54 km. Average speed…adequate (ca. 6.5 km/hr). Start 0750 arrive 2015

Sunday’s route

To compensate for a late finish we opted for an early start. So up and about 0630 after five hours sleep.

Campsite at Bramskjæra

No time for breakfast except the two leftover Danish pastries from yesterday. We did take time for a quick kayak chat with our fellow campers from Bergen kayak club. They had come for the waves but stayed for the super summer.

Paddling off in the early morning sun

But after a chat about the pros and cons of different British kayak producers we were off. It was 0750.

Erling was pretty determined to avoid getting weatherbound “in commutimg distance from work”. So the plan was to get past Tønsberg Tønne before 1200. That was 27 km no took us four and a half hours before we stopped for breakfast just on the other side of TT.

Soon Breakfast
And a lazy break

We had a long lazy break with swimming and some slumbering before we set off to Kjøpmannskjær for an ice cream stop.

The wind had picked up, but we were in sheltered waters. Traffick was heavy though. Paddling round here this time of year is like cycling on a motorway…

Ice cream stop at Kjøpmannskjær

After the ice cream stop we did a lazy leg through the Tjøme skjærgård till we found a very nice campsite at western Bolærne. Dinner and lights out at 2200 for what we consider a well deserved nights sleep.

Camp at sunset

Now we have 80 km left to Oslo and expect to arrive Monday. Tomorrow will be a bit of a struggle against the wind, but we’ll go as far as we can manage, as far as Weather and our somewhat exhausted bodies permit.

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