Back to Oslo day 12. Thursday 14 July. “With a little help from our friends”

Breivika to Lyngør. 60 km. Start 1000 arrive 2215. Average speed. Variable.

Thursday’s route

We were a bit late off at 1000 but we expected a nice forty something km. In good conditions.

We hadn’t calculated with the fog…which slowed us down a bit on the first leg

Foggy but quiet

After a while the fog lifted and we made it to Fevik in about three hours

The plan from there was to go to Arendal for resupplies abs then paddle Tromsundet. But we got some help from our friends, in this case Per Wilhelm, Anne Grete, their son Wilhelm and their niece Amalie.

They met us just outside Arendal, treated us to a fantastic lunch with fresh (very fresh) shrimp and “skolebrød” from the “micro bakery”.

Lunch from heaven!

PW is a very experienced paddler, he joined RSKE on the very demanding Mehamn to Tromsø leg in 2019. Now he challenged us to go for Lyngør another 30 km. Encouraged by the lunch we agreed and set course on the outside of Tromøya.

Karianne called up her friends Helene and Carl Andreas who has a very nice and spacious summer home at Lyngør. We were welcome any time. That would mean late…

A long paddle short, we trotted along and made Lyngør at 2215. To a warm welcome and an late evening meal. After 60 km we did not have the wherewithal to take any pictures so the below form breakfast must do to document our “sufferings”

Breakfast from the same place (heaven)

Today we plan to get to Stråholmen. WP. We are back to headwinds again. It’s 45 km.

The link is the same as yesterday.

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