Meanwhile in Tønsberg

Tønsberg – Horten, 26 km 6,1 km/t average speed.

We said no paddling on Friday, but Stein decided otherwise!

Last Saturday Stein left the team after the planned four weeks, going home to see his family and dog. Stein have previously kayaked most of the distance from Hitra to Oslo, but he was missing one leg, Tønsberg to Horten, about 26 km. The leg was scheduled Thursday, but due to wind forecast up to 10 m/s from South, it was postponed to Friday.

Good to go on the last 26 km

At 1030 Stein left Tønsberg Kayak club, heading NorthWest with blue sky and no wind. After an hour he was stopped by a nice family sitting in their beautiful wooden boat and offered a bun with egg-cream, fantastic ! But, Stein had to proceed in a headwind slowly picking up.

Buns were served en route

After three hours in the Tønsberg Archipelago, Stein had seen more boats than on the 25 days of the previous 898 km !

Coming out of the archipelago, the coast is a bit boring, and nothing compared to what we have experienced in Northern Norway/Trøndelag.  Just carry on. As the weather forecast predicted, the wind increased and turned to South with following seas. Finally, Stein got some surf. 

The most interesting part was crossing of the busiest ferry line in Norway, where four ferries went in/out of Horten harbour, with a pattern hard to predict. However, we have crossed in Moss, on the other side several times, no worries…..

At 1615 Stein had completed the whole Norwegian coast from the Russian border to the Swedish. However, not in one go with Erling, but over several years, starting in 1999 with Per Wilhelm who also joined RSKE last year.

In Horten Stein was met by his friends Matt, Marius and his son Ola. Marius and Ola took him back to Tønsberg and his car.

Inspiring the next generation

The Norwegian coast done and dusted!

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