RSKE Year 3 Day 30. Wednesday 12 August

From Bud to Rongveholmen. 44 km 6.9 km/hr average speed. Start 1000 arrive 1830.

After a good nights sleep we were picked up by Guttorm in the dingy and taken back to shore and soon breakfast with fried eggs and bacon for the three of us. (Eli was already at work)

Breakfast with Guttorm

We lingered a bit longer than planned as we picked up the conversation from yesterday. But if we are ever to get to Vågnes we have to paddle. So Guttorm took us to the marina, gave us some advice and tips & off we went

Last words of advice

We took a small detour past Bjørnsund, a small community just outside Bud. We tried to get in from the north, but were completely closed out by breakwaters. No time to spare to paddle round, so we set course for Sandøya, a two hour crossing.

Lighthouse at Bud

We had following wind and swell. The wind picked up a bit above forecast and the following seas occasionally broke over the kayaks so we had to spend some effort to paddle straight and safe. We still made excellent progress.

Toward Sandøy
Sandøya (sandy island) lived up to its name

After lunch at Sandøy we paddled on to Fjørtoft where Erling’s paternal grandmother grew up. We just had a short break to fuel up for the last stretch to Rongveholmen.

As we got to the planned campsite, we found it sandy and very well drained and dry. So we were hoping no mosquitoes or gnats.

Sandy, drained and dry….and gnatty

As the wind subsided we realized that we got it about right with regard to mosquitoes and all wrong with regards to gnats. So dinner was quickly made and eaten. Lights out at 2130.

Tomorrow (Thursday) we plan an early start and to paddle via Ålesund to Vågnes. It looks very much like weather will permit. Fingers crossed.

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