RSKE Year 3 Day 25. Friday 7th August

Grandholmen to Sandstad. 28 km, 6.4 km/hr average speed. Start 0925 arrive 1515

Today’s route

We got a dry nights sleep, but maybe not so good..we were all up during the night to check on the tide. We had some cm to spare. Good enough.

Camp at night
Full tide. Full control?

We paddled off at 0925. Although the tide was just starting to rise again we had mostly following currents and made good progress.

Again we chose the shortest route which meant open water crossing from Storfosna to Hitra. As we came to Hitra, we were in very good shape time wise, and we stopped for a bathing lunch.

Cruising toward Hitra

Stein really deserved a break and a dip. As we came to Hitra he has paddled the entire Norwegian coast (bar a few meters between Tønsberg and Horten which he will finish off on Thursday..WP)

We had found a camping just a short way away from the Expressboat quay. No room for the night, but kayaks could be stored ashore and Karianne and Stein could pitch their tents.

The weather was still dry and warm and we hung up our stuff to dry. In the end the site looked very occupied.

We take some space

After a final handshake with Stein, Erling catched the Expressboat to Kristiansund. And bus from there to Ålesund where he will arrive at midnight.

898 km this year and close to 5000 km with RSKE in total thus far. 👍

Karianne and Stein will stay till tomorrow, when Stein will be picked up by (yet another) friend and travel home via Oslo. Family and business beckon.

It’s 200 km, or a short weeks paddle from Sandstad to Vågnes. Wether forecast is good and Erling has decided to go for that as a natural place to stop. Karianne has started to mumble about Lindesnes and Nordkapp and decided to join.

Karianne and Erling will continue Sunday afternoon. WP


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