RSKE Year 3 day 6. Sunday 19th of July

Ramsund to Korsnes. 40 km, 5,4 km/hr average speed. Start 1455 arrive 2245.

In the morning the other weather forecasts had approached And was accurate on the weather we saw out the window. We opted for a long breakfast and Stein took us on a small walk around Ramsund.

At about 1400 wind was down by inspection and forecast. We loaded the boats and pushed out from shore just before 1500.

After a few kilometers the bows pointed out into Ofotfjorden. No more than 4 m/s. We decided to follow the usual plan, the hypotenuse. The shortest way but the longest crossing.

Close formation into a calm Ofotfjorden

After three hours paddling we were at the inlet of Ofotfjorden. We saw a monument on shore and knowing the history of the battle for Narvik in April 1940, we decided to stop there and see if the monument was connected.

It wasn’t. Instead it was part of “Artscape Nordland”, an initiative to bring art to a far corner of Norway. Anyway it was an OK place for lunch.

Lunch at Artscape Nordland

After lunch the plan was to paddle on for another ten km, then have a short break, then cross Tysfjorden. As it turned out the area ahead was full of shoals. The map said straight ahead was not possible, Google’s satellite images said probably OK for a kayak, but we were at low tide. After a vote and risking some severe delay to what was already looking to be a late dinner, we still decided to give Google a chance. Success, but it was three interesting kilometers and would not work for much bigger boats.

Our route through the shoals

Now we saw calm and almost sunny waters across Tysfjorden to Korsnes. Break? No break in such conditions. A fjord crossed is a good fjord. It was a memorable couple of hours. The sun came out, Lofoten rose majestically to starboard and the imposing peaks of Hamarøy were straight ahead, to the left were the massive Tysfjord mountains, and behind us in the distance we could see Norway’s national mountain; Stetind. The sea was calm, the sun was almost out and by luck we timed the crossing of the Løddingen ferry lane perfectly between ferries.

Tysfjord next
View to Lofoten

But even memorable paddles take time. We somehow missed a campsite on the north side of Korsnes. Or to be precise, Karianne didn’t exactly miss it, but she didn’t manage to get through to the rest, or the rest didn’t manage to listen. Best left unresolved. We finally found a cove on the west side of Korsnes. On closer inspection it was not very inviting, we were caught between boulders and a bog. Stein and Erling climed a small hill to inspect alternatives. Behind us we saw a few boathouses, probably better. So for the second time in RSKE’s history we paddled back.

Stein took the lead and when the other came in he had been up to the houses to ask permission and waved down: Set up camp.

It was almost 2300, at 2400, boats were up, dry suits and sweaty wool was hung to dry and today’s dinner was served. It was thermos cooked chicken with thermos cooked rice, spiced up with some tomato and cucumber garnish that Karianne managed to produce. We all agreed it tasted great. But then again almost anything edible would at that point…

View from tonight’s camp

A good day on the water. Two fjords down and a spectacular paddle into Vestfjorden. Tomorrow we plan to continue on the outside of Hamarøy and hopefully reach Lundøya. WP.

One thought

  1. Hi Erling, you are getting close to where i rowed a Åfjordfæring last year ! I would recomend making camp in Klungervika north on the Island of Stigen. Give my regards to Stein & Gunn, extremely hospitable persons. Ther is a good landing beach there and if you behave you will have a memorable meal !


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