RSKE Year 2. Prologue.

We thought a short prologue could be in order for this years stage. First, after last year’s dramatic end, we’re happy we both are fit and motivated to continue. We plan to finish in stages, this year will be Mehamn to Tromsø or Harstad, as weather dictates.

We are also happy that Per W Johnsen has joined us for this years stage. You may think he’s the new guy on the team, but by another reckoning he is the first member of the team.

It was Per and Stein that started as sea kayakers in the late eighties , first expedition round Koster in 1994. Since then they have paddled Bodø to Stavanger together and other segments of the coast separately. If we get to Harstad Per will have paddled the entire coast from the Swedish border to Mehamn. When we hopefully get to Bodø next year Stein will have completed the whole coast, while Erling must get to Stavanger before ha can claim the same. So in this perspective Erling is the junior member of the team:-)

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