Day 147. 26th of July. During the day Erling, the professional staff her at the University Hospital of Northern Norway (UNN) and we, become worried of the lack of progress in Erling’s health condition.

The pain in the stomach did not disappear as expected, and in the early afternoon, Erling was moved to a full scan/check of his stomach. The x-ray/CT showed a blood clot in the small intestine (“tynntarm”), see doctor’s sketch below.


When these words are written, Erling is on the operating table getting the clot removed.  Then he has to spend the next days here in Tromsø in order to recover enough to move south for further recovery.

The Russian – Scandiavian Kayak Expedition 2018 has therefore come to an end, and we will use this opportunity to thank all our followers and friends during our almost five month’s journey. You are all highly appreciated!!

Later on, we will make a summary from our expedition and share our lessons identified.

Thank you!


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  1. Fingers crossed for Erling, the surgery, his health and recovery. It has been a pleasure to follow your expedition and maybe you will continue south along the Norwegian coast another time. Thank you!

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  2. Thank you very, very much for bringing us with you as passengers on this extremely interesting and educational journey step by step. It has been a pleasure all the way. Thank you!

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  3. Stein ….. I’m so sorry to hear about Erling’s health issue – – know that thoughts and prayers are sent for his full recovery. I’ve enjoyed following your expedition. Hopes that Erling recovers so the two of you can plan another adventure. All the Best, Stein – to both you and Erling …..
    – Bill

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  4. I am so sorry to hear about Erling’s health and the end of the expedition. Your journey has been such a wonderful, endearing adventure to follow. The stories of people, history and challenges have been rich with character and appreciation for what life offers, even in simple ways. My best to both of you and your families. Thank you for sharing is special adventure with us. Kind Regards, Marcia Baldwin

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  5. Dette var trist å lese. Dere har vært morgenens høydepunkt med kaffe og kjekk lesning før arbeidet begynte, og det har vært utrolig spennende og interessant å følge dere på turen. Jeg hadde håpet å se dere forbi vestlandet og hilst på. Men helsen er viktigst og det er nok et helt riktig valg dessverre. Håper på en god bedring i formen til Erling og at alt går bra med han.

    Takk for fine reportasjer og ikke minst en sinnsykt imponerende tur! Dere kan være stolte av dere selv 🙂
    All hell og lykke videre begge to,


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  6. Hälsa! Ni har varit så fantastiska denna långa resa… hoppas få se er i Heestrand nån gång… kanske i höst! Skönt att ni var i Norge när detta hände👍❤️

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  7. Hi Erling and Stein. It has been a great adventure to follow your padling trip day by day with all the good comments and interpretations between lines. Also great pictures, Garmin tracks, maps ! Stine and myself really hope that Erling fully recovers. We know from quite recent experiance that the Tromsø hospital is really good ! I know it must be dissapointing to not complete the journey in full, but there are always new challenges to meet in the future and good health is of course the most important. Best wishes from Oslo and a good return !

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  8. God bedring til Erling! Og tusen takk til dere begge og webredaktøren som har skrevet og delt informative, artige og interessante historier fra turen deres. Det har vært kjempegod og artig lesing. Og velkommen tilbake til Tromsø – kanskje fortsetter dere turen til neste år?

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  9. God bedring og håper på rask restitusjon for Erling. Trist slutt på en fantastisk reise – og det har vært veldig artig å følge med på dette. Virkelig stor innsats fra dere begge.

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  10. Takk for alle reportasjer og underfundige kommentarer gjennom disse 147 dagene. Det er nesten så jeg selv har fått være med på dette fantastiske eventyret. Nå må Erling bli frisk, jeg krysser alt jeg har av fingre og tær for at han for en rask og god bedring. Hilsen Elisabeth

    Sendt fra min iPad

    > 26. jul. 2018 kl. 21:03 skrev The Russian – Scandinavian Kayak Expedition 2018 : > > >

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  11. So sorry to hear this, but yes, the health comes first!
    Thanks to both of you, for sharing your experience on this fabulous journey.
    God bedring Erling!!

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  12. Så synd at turen tok en pause, ( ps: ikke kom tilbake til jobb enda da, padling er morsommere , jeg lover)

    Litt opptrening og opp igjen!
    Sommeren er lang og jeg spår en mild høst!

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  13. Holding fingers crossed and wishing Erling all the best! It is sad to hear the expedition end like this, but what a feat you have performed, Its been interesting to follow and the word admiration of what you have done is an understatement….
    Now focus on Erlings recovery and thanks for the adventure!

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  14. Sorry to hear about the end of your adventure it’s been great following you both. You are our kayak heroes! Send our love to Erling and we wish him a quick recovery. Luv m x

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  15. You`ve had an amazing tour!! Sad you were unable to finish as you wanted, but so GOOD this happened in Norway!! I`m impressed of what you!ve achieved!!

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