Day 116 – What we hadn’t thought about was the tide – 25 June

Day 116. 25th of June. From Ostrov Kuzova to Solovki archipelago. 24.9 km, 5.7 km/hr average speed.

The weather forecast was a bit dubious, at least it was correct about the morning rain.

After a late breakfast we went to the top of the small island we camped on and looked across to Solovki. The plan was to paddle in the evening. As we stood at the top, forecast 8 m/s, but it was nowhere near. No white topped waves in sight.

We went back down and broke camp. After all this toing and froing and careful consideration we got in the boats at about 1430.

We had chosen the worst available time. One thing was the wind. About 4 m/s rising to 5 m/s headwinds. That was an expected obstacle.

What we hadn’t thought about was the tide. We can report that paddling in these archipelagos is very much about tide and current. It flowed like a river at times. And not in the right direction. The sea got very confused with waves from seemingly all directions.

In the end it took us four hours and twenty minutes to get across. We had paddled almost four extra kilometers compared to the shortest route.

On the plus side the western most islands of Solovki where we landed is a really beautiful place. So instead of paddling on the village of Silovetskij, we decided to call it a day and camp right here.

Tomorrow the plan is an early start towards Cape Beluga, then to the village to look for two nights accommodation.

Hotels are full, but the tourist office assures us there will be a solution. We trust them. So far there has always been a solution in Russia. And we have the tent as back up.

Now to try to get some sleep in the white night.

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