Day 108 – Again the captain transformed into a chef and we had a tasty and solid pasta stew – 17 June

Day 108. 17th of June. 52.5 km, 7.7 km/hr average speed.

From lock 9 to a lighthouse in the middle of the lake, 30 km from lock 10.

It is hard to believe it is no more than a month since we were celebrating 17th of May at the Norwegian Consulate in St Petersburg, so much has happened, and so many impressions to digest since then.

With the boats only half loaded and no wind we made good speed. 8.4 km/hr average for the first two and a half hours. The next leg went a little slower but we just managed to beat Silvertärna to our agreed anchor place for the night.

Unfortunately we missed a rendezvous with the four Finnish paddlers. They had chosen a different path around a big island. It would have meant 10 km extra for us, and 63 km is a bit too much. A pity all the same.

Again the captain transformed into a chef and we had a tasty and solid pasta stew. Stein and Erling dug in.

Today we will call it a day a bit earlier and tomorrow we will hopefully pass through locks 10 and 11. ETA Belomorsk is Wednesday evening or Thursday lunchtime. Weather and Channel authorities Permitting.

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  1. Hi Erling and Stein
    Good to see your progress and that everything is working well. Just remember as my mother use to say before a long and unlnown travelarea. quote: Don’t talk to stragers” BrgsSture

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