Day 101 – We decided that we’ll take the good conditions while we had them – 10 June

Day 101. (We’ll admit, it feels a little cool with 3 digits). 10th of June. Petrozavodsk and too far towards Kizhi, 54.3 km, 6.7 km/hr average speed.

After we had bid our friends farewell at the museum, we got off to a late 1040 start.

No problem, our firm plan was to paddle a short day of only 26 km, and then start tomorrow with a 20+ km open water crossing, and take it from there. One reason for this defensive plan was that Erling has gotten something that looks and feels a lot like tenesynovitis in his right arm.

But when he switched to his backup paddle, which is very different from his main paddle, the pain was gone. So when we had paddled the 26 km, and looked across 21 km of calm wind less Onega, we decided that we’ll take the good conditions while we had them. That took three hours and took us to 47 km. Then we looked for a good place to tent for another seven kilometers . And eventually found a decent solution on a wooden quay. How smart this all was we’ll know tomorrow.

Come what may we’ll get to Kizhi (think “Folkemuseet” times ten), it’s only 14 km away. We hope to get there at lunch, and since apparently no one has come by kayak before we understand we are expected with interest, and will be met by one (maybe two) welcome committees. Great news for us.

It’s been a long day and that resulted in a short update.

3 Thoughts

  1. Ser da ut som en fin fin teltplass dere fant. Hvordan fester dere teltet til kaien? Eller er det bare frittstående uten noe forankring? Det er et enormt flott eventyr dere er ute på og strålende moro å følge med her på bloggen. Håper å få et glimt av dere når dere en gang passerer Bergen 😉


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