Day 97 – So far Onega has been a clear improvement on the Ladoga channel and Svir – 6 June

Day 97. 6th of June. Rybreka to a sandy cove about 40 km from Petrozavodsk. No name, no coverage. 52.6 km, 6.2 km/hr average speed.

It was a long, slow slog of a day. We were paddling into between 3 m/s and 6 m/s headwinds with the occasional rain shower for the whole day. It is also cooler. Summer has left and temperature maxed at 8 degrees. It was just to lean forward and push on, while paying attention to passing weather systems so we wouldn’t be catched out again. Except the last two hours that is, then conditions were better. That kept us going, so that we get an easier day tomorrow. Forecast is 5 m/s sidewind. We hope to get to Petrozavodsk not too late.

On our way today we paddled past several quays built to ship out stone, gravel and sand. The name of the last such village; Kvartsitny, even indicates what rock we are talking about.

The quays were busy, so somewhere there’s building activity going on.

The geology is a key factor shaping the terrain, and so far Onega has been a clear improvement on the Ladoga channel and Svir. For one thing,  it is easy to find sandy beaches well suited for camping. Dry and (therefore) with relatively few mosquitoes.

There is also the occasional “svaberg”. And the land rises higher with more topography, so the sights are more varied.

For Petrozavodsk, Vladimir has arranged so that we can store the kayaks at a place called “Polar Odyssey”. It’s an institution that preserves old boats , and build new ones according to old traditions, thus preserving the craftsmanship as well.

We look forward to the visit. Some of the people Erling met when he was here last year also plan to show up tomorrow afternoon. Weather Permitting.

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