Day 52 – Stein called the lock guard on VHF – 22 April

Day 52. 22nd of April. Brandalsund to Shärholmen, just inside the border of Stockholm. 42.1 km, 6. 0 km/hr average speed.

We left Brandalsund shortly after 0900, and paddled towards Södertälje. Weak headwinds and some current against us meant that we had to work for the kilometers.

After a little less than two hours, we came to the lock at Södertälje. We had wondered how they would receive two kayaks? No problem. Stein called the lock guard on VHF, and they promptly opened the lock for us.

We were so eager to get in that we paddled in against the somewhat chaotic currents. Not a problem when the lift of the lock is less than a meter. But when we encounter higher locks in Russia, we will be more patient.

We had our lunch at a marina just after the locks. They were quite busy readying boats to be put on the water. The ice finally disappeared only Tuesday this week. So we missed the ice by five days. No regrets.

After about 30 km fresh water paddling on Mälaren we found a place to pitch our tent. Only about two more hours to Stockholm, but we were going slow and we needed the rest. We have about 75% of the trip left. Easy does it.

Tomorrow and Tuesday will be time for rest, repair and resupply in Stockholm. And for meeting family and friends.


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