Day 48 – We waved our thumbs, and the car stopped! – 18 April

Day 48. 18th of April. Gryt to Arkösund, 41.3 km, 6.6 km/hr average speed.

We have learned to respect the wind. So to minimize the time spent in 8 m/s wind, we set the alarm for the first time. Up at 0615, eating breakfast and packing the boats in a light drizzle, before we were on the water at 0820.

The plan was good and we had good conditions for the first leg. We paddled through a mostly forested area, but with small huts in between. Mostly very well kept and idyllic. However, the name of one place was “Myggdansen” (mosquito dance). We fear it was an appropriate name during the summer months.

The wind picked up on the second leg, but we managed to stay mostly shielded behind land until about 1400, when we started the crossing toward Arkösund, just as the wind maxed out. Fortunately, westerly winds don’t have much space to build waves here, but still the paddling through short wavelength breaking waves demanded concentration. We found the hostel. Very nicely located for visiting by kayak. The hosts were busy readying the hostel for the season; we are the first guests.

Arkösund is a lively place with a grocery store, restaurants and even a state liquor store and what not….. during summer. But this is not summer season, and Arkösund is basically void of life.

We came here with all of 8 squares of milk chocolate left of supplies, and needed to go to the shop. Nearest shop was at a slightly more pulsating crossroads called Östra Husby. Which we could reach by first walking 2 km to the bus stop, and then catch one of the infrequent busses for a 30 min ride…

No alternative. Fortunately, the host drove us to the bus stop. We got to Östra Husby, and had one hour to shop before we had to catch the bus back. Easy.

On the bus back loaded with about 20 plus kg worth of groceries, we were hoping that we would not be the only passengers to Arkösund, and that the other passengers would be kind persons with a car parked at the bus stop.

No such luck. We were the last passengers on the bus. So it was just to start walking. Not the high point of the day…

Again we were in luck, however. We hadn’t walked more than a hundred meters when a blue Volvo appeared behind us. We waved our thumbs, and the car stopped! It was Kerstin and Börje on their way home, which was couple of hundred meters beyond the Hostel. Definitely the high point of the day!

Stein made dinner and Erling looked after the clothes wash, which we divided in two piles. Potentially toxic, and just plain dirty.

We are happy for the progress over the last seven days and looking forward to rest day tomorrow.

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  1. At long last things are getting the paddelar’s way. And I suppose the salmon for dinner was Norwegian as the Baltic fishstock is very low. Still you have the coastline for your own, but soon weekend turists will be around. I am pretty sure you don’t mind warmer weather and some company. Thanks for entertaining reports.

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