Day 45 – Good progress and easy paddling – 15 April

Day 45. 15 th April. Em to Kårelund. 44.9 km, 6.8 km/hr average speed.

A misty day with light tail winds and light following waves made for good progress and easy paddling.

We had an excellent night’s sleep in Angelica and Alexander’s “shed”. Erling was particularly happy, since his strained muscle has reduced his sleep quality since Kåseberga. Finally that seems to have passed.

Angelica and Alexander saw us off with some good advice about difficult places to avoid as we left Em.

What more to say about an ordinary day? Visibility was medium so things and places appeared out of the mist. Most spectacularly Simpevarp nuclear power plant. We could also see the damp rising from the spill water, and as we got closer, the waves got a little confused because of the interaction of wind waves and spill water current.

We found a nice place to camp just before 1800. Which gave us two hours leisure and cooking time before sunset. Still chilly, and this update is written from a stove warmed tent.

We hope for a similarly efficient and uneventful day tomorrow.

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