Day 32 – We rounded Sandhammeren – 2 April

Day 32. Kåseberga – Kivik. 49.6 km, 6.7 km/hr average speed, 7 hrs 24 min paddling.

We woke to sun, tail winds and calm waters. And fresh bread from the bakery at the harbor. Our host Pierre Rosén, works as an paragliding instructor in the summer and as an artist in the winter. He had an exhibition of this winter’s paintings at the Harbor. Part of “kunst rundan”, a highly popular Easter tradition in Skåne. Erling liked best one painting that reminded him somehow of the previous days paddle.

We left Kåseberga and headed for Sandhammeren. The weather was cooperative; we rounded the “cape” and headed north.


We took a long paddle (26 km) to Brantevik before going onshore for a break. Erling has strained a muscle in the right part of his torso, and we had a discussion about how far to paddle on.

We decided to go for Kivik and look for a shed along Skåneleden which looked like a good place to stay for the night.

Another long paddle and then disappointment. We walked along Skåneleden in our drysuits and looked for the shed, but realized that even if we found it, it would be a bad solution, too far from the boats.

Now the sun was setting and it was getting colder. We decided on another 30 min paddle to Kivik. We called up “back office” support (Karianne), and when we arrived lodging had been found at Vitemølle Strandbad. An advantage of a “fully supported” expedition mode, where we take the help we can get!

Anyway, we pushed too far and too late. We got pretty cold before we got into the lodging. A summer’s day it will be fine, but this was not exactly that. As we landed, the temperature dropped below 0.

Not much time to celebrate the distance we actually have paddled since we left Oslo one month ago.


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  1. Sterkt! Godt å bli ferdig med “syden” og padle nordover som andre trekkfugler igjen. Gleder meg alltid å starte dagen med å lese oppdateringer fra turen. Keep on paddlin’!

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