D19 – Crossing of Laholm Bay – 20 March

When we were looking for a restroom this morning, we found a hotel that called for us and a breakfast, Tylostrand beach hotel. Great opportunity and great service by Sofia.

The crossing over Laholmfjorden was about 20 km. The forecast said 10 kts from North, and we were going SW. Quite a lot of work, it took us about 4h30min to cross over. Stein got a lot of water in his boat, which made it interesting to operate.

28,1 km, 5,2 km/h, 5.19 h in the boat.

We found a great tent site at the beach at Torekov, and an open grocery store. Steak and rice for dinner.

We know that we will get a lot of weather the next few months, but never as cold as we have seen this last few weeks!!

We are now looking at the weather for tomorrow. The forecast says 12 kts headwinds. So we have to make some critical decisions at Breakfast tomorrow 🙂


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