D9 – 36.4 km, average speed 5.9 km/h. 0 wind, 0 degrees, a perfect day for paddling – 10 March

We had a good start after a good breakfast. Annika and a local paddling enthusiast saw us off.

We made good progress to and into Sota Canal, but in the canal itself there was too much ice so we had to turn back. Apparently, the lone fisherman that keeps the canal open does not fish on Saturdays.

So 7 km detour and almost two hours spent. We took the outer route along a wintry seascape in calm waters. We managed to find our way to the narrow western entry to Kungshamn… only to find it closed by ice. This time we managed to break through. We were hoping for a seaside cafe and there are plenty. All closed this time of year. A quick matpakke and then 90 minutes of paddling until we found a place to pitch the tent. Just in time to get in order before dark.

Dinner has been served (thanks to Torbjørn and Cathrine at the kayak center in Grebbestad for the supplies).

heestrand fra thorsten

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