D1 – A wonderful first day – 2 March

[Norwegian] En fantastisk start på turen. Mer enn 100 familie og venner hadde møtt opp på Lysaker brygge for å ønske oss farvel! Med fanfare la vi avgårde sammen med fire venner som skulle padle sammen med oss den første dagen.

A great start to the trip. More than 100 family members and friends had met up at the Lysaker Pier to wish us farewell! With fanfare we left Oslo accompanied by four dear kayak friends.

We enjoyed a lot of ice and slush the first eight kilometres. From there and the rest of the trip, to the Southern Kaholmen island, the water was clear. After 28 km with an average of 5,7 km/h, we arrived at the old and famous fortress, Oscarsborg – which today is a tourist attraction and home to a nice hotel and restaurant. Some more friends showed up, and we had 12 pax seated for dinner!!

A few more pictures from the departure:


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