Back to Oslo Day 16. Monday 19th July. Arrive.

After 225 days of kayaking the Oslo to Oslo trip finished at 1535 after a last leg of 25 km.

Last stage
Karianne, Stein and Erling at the quay at OKK
In addition to Stein, Naadendal comrade Helge and (most of) Erling’s family (kids, parents, siblings, brother in law and two nieces) were there to welcome us and mark the end of the trip. OKK provided ice cream😎

And then there were dinner and champagne and cake…. A great way to end an adventure.

But ended it has. Ca. 6000 km and 225 days of collaboration and companionship, of autonomy and freedom, and quite often a feeling of mastery. Three components for a happy life.

Autonomy and mastery are fleeting and transient. Collaboration and companionship builds friendships and friendship endures.That is the main outcome of such an undertaking.

Stein and Erling thank all helpers at home and along the way, and especially our paddling companions joining us for parts of the adventure : Per Wilhelm, Karianne (2100 km!!!), Arne, and short but crucial; the Naadendal Comrades Torbjørn and Helge.

And thanks to all of you who has followed the adventure and encouraged us along the way.

Take care and enjoy!

8 Thoughts

  1. Hej Erling, Stein and Karianne
    You did it!!
    Also with some hard stones in the meat of the Elephant!

    Now I wish you even more success in finding a new project 😉

    Ha de bra.
    And 1k Tack for linking our trips.



    1. Thanks Christoph! The help and hospitality of captain and crew of S/Y Silvertärna were both crucial and super enjoyable! Making the literal high point of the trip a high point in all respects! Safe sailing!


  2. Congratulation! A fantastic initiative and project. And you did it. Endurance demonstrated! Impressed!
    Thanks for sharing 👍

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